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Home automation is defined as technology that provides you remote or automatic control of electrical devices and appliances around your home. An automated system controls security, temperatures, audio/video, light, and more. It gives the homeowner facility, energy savings, and security.

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Automated products capable of connecting to computers are mainly useful, because they allow for automated systems to be completely controlled automatically. In this way, you can control your entire product through the use of a broad array of electronic devices.

If you are considering a home automation system in London you will have to decide which parts you want to incorporate into your automation system. The following list entails some of the qualities many consumers will ask to be incorporated when considering their automation system.

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Home theater-

It is very handy to control your television, DVD player, tuner, etc. with a few buttons or screen touches.


One remote control for your entire surround sound system will create it so much easier when you are having a gathering.


Setting the mood is a breeze if you do not have to leave the couch.


In your futuristic home, you can also control your safety and observation apparatus all with one universal controller.

Remote Control-

Control any facet of your home, which is connected to your automation system from a remote location.

Information Gathering-

Home automation is also potentially informational gathering devices.

Major advantages of this system are:

  • Affordable price
  • Ease of Use
  • User friendly software
  • Control lights through the Internet
  • Reduced electricity bills


Different kinds of Home Automation Control Systems:

Below is a list of kind of lighting controls available to you:

Dimmer control-

You can cut power cost by decreasing the severity of electricity.

Motion control-

The electricity is turned on once the sensor detect some motion around.

Tenancy control-

On the base of detection, the electricity is turned on/off.

Timer control-

The electricity is turned on/off according to the pre-set timings.

Some of the key features and benefits offered by home automation system:

  • A ready to run solution
  • It is a well optimized software to ensure efficient terminal performance and availability
  • It cuts manual labor down to the bare minimum
  • Reduces the waiting time of documents
  • Home security is rapidly becoming a necessity


Home Automation of the home is very significant in that it will create life to be easier and interesting. It is a good way of relieving you some emphatic duties making your life more convenient.